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This is the community made for all the anime fans in Michigan!

Links worth checking out:
- Anime News Network

Have a link you think should be added? Just let me know!

- Play nice, no flamming.
- If you just **need** to post that 'way cool which character are you?' quiz... put it behind a cut. Post a comment to the quiz post with your result. Don't make a seperate post of the same quiz
- Don't spam us with community promotions. Take it to community_promo
- Put any and all spoilers under the lj-cut tag
- Pictures are nice... but please be considerate and put multiple and/or large pictures under the cut tag.
- Please keep posts on topic.
- On your introduction post, make sure to mention something anime related, just so its on topic.
- This is an all-ages group, so please do not post any hentai or other "R" rated images.

Thank you!

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