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I know this isn't in Michigan, but it's pretty close, so... is anyone going?

I'm happy to announce that I'll be running an event there this year!

12 groups of 8 ACen Otaku will set out on the quest of a lifetime...
this is... ACen: The Ultimate Otaku Quest!

Form a team with seven of your friends, and then you can begin your weekend long quest, in search of hilarious items, and win badges for ACen 2008, along with other treasure!
Think you can snatch a video of a row of cosplayers doing the Can Can, or find and bring us some duct tape? If you participate in this event, you'll have to find these and other amusing things, insuring a good time.

Where can I sign up?

Good Question.

All teams participating in this event will need a digital camera and a video camera (or a digital camera that can do good quality video) that can export digitally (via USB, Firewire, or Memory Card) , and can take good quality pictures/videos (things like camera phones are not allowed.)
Your team will also have to be staying for the whole length of the convention (Friday through Sunday.)

Teams need to consist of eight people. If you would like to enter but do not have 7 other friends going with you, then you can still do so, but you will be paired up to work with other contestants that are also in need of team mates – a great way to make new friends! : )

Registration is done on a "first come, first serve" basis, so only the first 12 teams to apply will be able to participate in this event. Priority is also given to those that can provide a camera/video camera.

Staff are not eligible to win prizes but may be on teams.
Teams may consist of no more than 2 staff members.
Staff members must participate as if they were a regular attendee (aka staff cannot get pictures in staff only areas)
Staff must fulfill their obligation to their department first and foremost. (Which means you might be disadvantaged if you are a staff member on a team)

However, even if you are not participating, you can still come to watch the results, and see all of the comical things these teams have found!

To participate in this event, please fill out and send the following form to alchemy.geek@gmail.com

ACen: The Ultimate Otaku Quest! Registration Form

Group name:

Number of people in group:

Team Member's Names (please include real names as well, we won't post them if you ask us not to):


Small bio about each member:

So, for those who are going, what are some plans you have? Or cosplay you're wearing?
I'm working on my Officer Jenny cosplay right now, for the Masquerade contest. I'll also be cosplaying as Roy Mustang, Hikaru Hitachiin, and a couple other people that I haven't really decided on yet. ^^;
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