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Anime fans of Michigan unite! [entries|friends|calendar]
Michigan Anime

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For Sale: Wigs of various color and style! [10 Jan 2010|05:37pm]
I absolutely have to get rid of all these wigs. I am no longer using them and they're just collecting dust in their bags in my closet. Most wigs are brand new. Bought from various places such as Cosworxs, Amphigory and ebay. Free shipping within the US, but I will ship international. Paypal only please. All wigs are well kept and in excellent conditions. I will be willing to accept offers. Also, if you buy two or more wigs, I will give you even more of a discount!

Wigs are under hereCollapse )
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Fabric for Sale! [13 Dec 2009|05:24pm]
I have alot of unwanted fabric I do not need any more. All come from a smoke free home. Paypal only please. Will be shipped as soon as payment clears through Paypal. If you wish to order more then one piece of pre-cut fabric, please let me know. I will not cut fabric then what it is already listed as. Shipping is only within the United States.

PVC/PleatherCollapse )

CottonCollapse )

Extra/Mystery FabricCollapse )
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Need to sell costumes, manga and wigs asap! [09 Dec 2009|03:43pm]
I absolutely need to get rid of this stuff asap! I have no room for it and I need to save for the holidays. All items are shipped within the US only. No exceptions. For costumes, I need your zip code to figure out how much the total shipping is. For manga, it is $2.50 extra for the first book, .50 cents per next. For wigs, shipping is an extra 5.50 for anywhere in the US. I only accept Paypal and Money Orders at this time. Sorry in advance of the bad qualitly pics. Costumes fits women's sizes 10-12 (medium)! I am also willing to take offers on cosplays/wigs only.

CostumesCollapse )

MangaCollapse )

WigsCollapse )

Xposted several places. Sorry!
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Costume Commissions are open! [12 Nov 2009|06:13pm]
I'm a bit tight on cash this month so I'm offering my services as a seamstress. I can do just about anything when it comes to cosplay. I can offer prices based on a budget or a non-budget for your costume - including your material of choice. I've been sewing since '2006 and I'm happy to help you with your costume needs. Each case is individual, so I can not give you a basic quote. I only accept Paypal or money orders as payment and I require the full payment to be made before I can purchase materials. I also only ship within the United States. All costumes are made to fit you! I will need proper sizing after the payment is made as well. If you are interested in commissioning me further, please fill this form out and respond in PM or contact me by email at tsukeruu@gmail.com .

For recent examples of my skills, please go to this post here: http://tsukeru.livejournal.com/50928.html#cutid1

Character Name:
Series Character is from:
Reference Pic of character/costume:
Choice in Material: (if known)
What basic size?: Small, medium, large... etc?
What is your height?:
How soon do you need this done by?:
Any special requirements?:

Thank you in advance. X-posted this in several places.
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Wigs for sale (most under $20)! Variety of colors + styles! [17 Oct 2009|02:59pm]
All wigs are in like-new, if not new conditions. Some wigs haven't even been worn. Don't need em any more. I would like to get rid of them asap. I'll even do some offers at this point. Paypal only and I will only ship within the United States. Sorry! Shipping is an extra 4.50 onto the total. I can usually ship wigs out 24-36 hours after the money has been cleared. Most wigs have came from Cosworxs, Amphigory or Ebay!

Under HereCollapse )

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University of Michigan - Hetalia Meet [11 Oct 2009|10:00pm]
Michigan Hetalia fans, especially those who go to University of Michigan or are in the Ann Arbor area, hetalia-day.com is organizing a Hetalia Day Meet-Up in Ann Arbor on October 24th. Contact awesomeprussian for details!
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Japanese summer study group? [11 Apr 2008|01:45pm]

I'm interested in getting a study group together with other students of the language. The idea is, study through the summer making sure nothing is forgotten before the fall semester! My reason for concern is the two classes I'll be taking in the fall are pretty intense from what I hear, and I don't want to be playing catch-up for the first few weeks. So I figure, get a group of Japanese speaking students together, meet something like once a week someplace close and just study. Talk, translate things, do some reading practice and things like that. Who knows, if you've got everything you've learned so far down pact, maybe pick up some more advanced kanji, vocab or grammar points! I live in Woodhaven, and getting a group of local students together would be ideal (for me, anyway).

So if this sparks your interest at all, please do let me know!

I'm posting this to a few other communities, so I apologize if you see this more than once.
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Bea the Heat 07 [27 Jun 2007|10:42am]

Comming up next month on July 28th (Saturday) Fanimania (U of M - Flint's anime club) will be having Beat the Heat. Beat the Heat is all day anime screening in 5 rooms on the third floor of U of M's MSB (Murchie Science Building). This screening is free and open to the public. For more info check out our site:
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JAFAX 12 [25 Jun 2007|09:38pm]

Pics from JAFAX 12
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JaFax [23 May 2007|06:02pm]

So, anyone planning on going to JaFax?

I'll be there, cosplaying as Officer Jenny on Saturday, and Roy Mustang on Sunday.
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Anime Central [28 Mar 2007|07:38pm]

I know this isn't in Michigan, but it's pretty close, so... is anyone going?

I'm happy to announce that I'll be running an event there this year! ACen: The Ultimate Otaku Quest! (Info Behind Cut ^_^)Collapse )

So, for those who are going, what are some plans you have? Or cosplay you're wearing?
I'm working on my Officer Jenny cosplay right now, for the Masquerade contest. I'll also be cosplaying as Roy Mustang, Hikaru Hitachiin, and a couple other people that I haven't really decided on yet. ^^;
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Okay all you metro-detroit based Nana fans..... [03 Mar 2007|12:07am]

So over in Hamburg Germany they're having a "Nana day" On July 7th this year. So I was thinking of celebrating a little 'Nana day' of our own! I've got a couple places in mind.... either at my favorite store ever, Anime to Skateboards, or if they're not into the idea, a local park. Like that one in Wyandotte (I forget the name of it). So what do you think? Listen to some Nana music, talk about all things Nana, and maybe even watch some (if we're at ATS and not the park).

So, who's up for celebrating Nana on the 7th of 707? ^_^

(In case your curious, Anime to Skateboards, or ATS, is on Eureka in Southgate. Know where the Southgate MJR theater is? Well you're in the right area then! Go up towards the Panera and Boarders Express. It's behind the Boarders Express!)

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Youmacon update [10 Feb 2007|02:23pm]

If you havent been over to the Youmacon website since november, offical pictures from the convention are now up. The '07 dates have been announced (November 2-4) but the 07 site isnt up yet... so no word on pre-registration yet :o(

So who's thinking ahead and planning their cosplays, skits and whatnot already? Going to any other conventions?
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Youmacon [06 Nov 2006|04:43pm]

Click 4 Pics
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[06 Oct 2006|01:03pm]

So, are you ready for Youmacon? Less then a month left!

My cosplays this year? Summoner Yuna and Nana Oosaki ^_^

Who are you cosplaying as?
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Fanamania event coming up? [22 Sep 2006|03:29pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I thought I saw a sign somewhere in the UPAV about a Fanamania event coming up? Any members here with details? lol

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hello [05 Jul 2006|01:42am]

Whazzup? This is Andre, but my friends call me Dre, out of a small, boring lower peninsula town called Houghton Lake. I only know a couple people around here that are into anime and I would love to meet more people who are into it. I'm also into manga, hentai, and anime music. :) Lata days.
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Youmacon Cosplay [12 Jun 2006|03:46pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Okay, so for Youmacon this year I'm cosplaying Nana Oosaki. I would LOVE to get a huge crew of cosplayers together. So how about it? I was thinking of getting all of BLAST together ^_^ It'd be great! Especially if we could get together some Trapnest members and what not. Any way, I know it's a long way off, better to plan ahead, right? So, who's up for some Nana?

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[21 May 2006|08:05pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Hey everyone!

I dont know if somone beat me to this but if people havent notice a new Manga has been introduced to the United States! D.Gray-Man by Katsura Hoshina -you might regonize them from Shonen Jump because their an editor for the magazine! or so I have heard- It's been weekly posting in Shonen Jump Magazine in japan and we finally get the first book here in america, It's really good and if your a fan of FMA you might like it because some people think it's some what based on the plot of it, let me tell you it isnt but just as awesome. So if you havent heard of D.Gray-man go look for it and read it! -and if those who know where I can read more of the series online PLEASE let me know I'm addict to it after reading the first book and I want to find out more about the awesome 15 year old exorcist Allen Walker!- The next volume will be release in august (fidget) so see ya later!

-maybe it will be at JaFax, Yay JaFax!!-

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Miniskirt Amry [12 May 2006|03:56pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Going to JaFax?
Like Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist?
Then join the Miniskirt Army!
I've just started a JaFax division.

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