Danielle (kibonotsubasa) wrote in michigan_anime,

Okay all you metro-detroit based Nana fans.....

So over in Hamburg Germany they're having a "Nana day" On July 7th this year. So I was thinking of celebrating a little 'Nana day' of our own! I've got a couple places in mind.... either at my favorite store ever, Anime to Skateboards, or if they're not into the idea, a local park. Like that one in Wyandotte (I forget the name of it). So what do you think? Listen to some Nana music, talk about all things Nana, and maybe even watch some (if we're at ATS and not the park).

So, who's up for celebrating Nana on the 7th of 707? ^_^

(In case your curious, Anime to Skateboards, or ATS, is on Eureka in Southgate. Know where the Southgate MJR theater is? Well you're in the right area then! Go up towards the Panera and Boarders Express. It's behind the Boarders Express!)

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